Batya Pendant

Sterling silver

I made this pendant for my friend Jill, whose rabbi didn't give her a Hebrew name when she was growing up. "Jill" is a contraction of "Jillian," which is the feminine of "Julian," which is the anglicization of "Julius," which means "son of Jove." Jove, or Jupiter, is a heavyweight in the Greco-Roman pantheon of deities, so Jill's name means "daughter of God." A quick call to my rabbi in Honolulu to see if there was a Hebrew name with that meaning yeilded that "Batya" means "daughter of Pharoh," who was worshipped as a god in ancient Egypt. So, I arranged the Hebrew letters of "Batya" vertically and produced this pendant.

As it turns out, I spelled it wrong—it's missing a letter at the end. Apparently this is actually pronounced "Bati," and isn't, uh, a name. Don't tell Jill, okay? It's still pretty, though, so I left it in the Web gallery.

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