Celtic Knot Shark

June 2011
Sterling silver

Commissioned as gift for a recent college graduate, the design for this pendant was supposed to be the distillation of a litany of things she loves: sharks, stylized ocean waves, Tinkerbell's pixie dust, Celtic knots, the University of California at Santa Barbara, palm trees and daffodils. And this was all supposed to go onto a size 6 ring. Since that wasn't going to happen, her mother and I wound up streamlining that a bit and choosing two of the strongest themes.

Shark protection and conservation is one of her hugest passions and helped define her four years at UCSB, so that had to go in. Also vital is her faith, an important guide that helped her keep to her convictions through high school and college in spite of the peer pressures faced during that time. The Celtic trinity knot is a classic graphical representation of Christian faith for people who trace their lineage to the British Isles (which she does), so I used two stylized and intertwined knots to form the silhouette of a shark in mid-swim.

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