Pluto Pendant

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November 2008
Sterling silver

Planetary symbol: ♇
Astrological sign: ♏ (Scorpio) (modern usage)

Ah, the tragedy of Pluto. Classified as a planet upon its discovery in 1930, the rocky-icy body maintained that status for ust over a three-quarters of a century when it was redefined as a dwarf planet and part of the Kuiper Belt in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union. The debate rages on within the scientific community, and many laypersons continue to support its status as a planet out of personal preference. For them, Pluto is included here as part of the collection.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Pluto (Greek name: Hades), is the god of the underworld. Astrologically, Pluto represents renewal, transformation, personal achievement and cooperation.

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