Cursive Chinese Eagle

July 2009
Sterling silver

This piece was made for an auction held by the alumni association of my high school alma mater, ʻIolani School in Honolulu, Hawaii. The name of the school literally means "Royal Eagle," so the organizers suggested that I run with the ʻio (eagle) theme. Since I was giving back to the school, I thought that the piece I made for the auction should reflect what I got out of my experience there.

Donating jewelry was a given, because as I mention in my biography on this site I started my jewelry career with a class at ʻIolani. One of the other major things that high school did for me was to maintain and nurture my study of the Chinese language, even giving me credit during my senior year for working on one of the Chinese-English dictionaries I'm writing (for real). That project, The Stonecarver's Dictionary, focuses on ancient and calligraphic forms of words—so I decided that the ʻio I donated would be a cursive form of the Chinese character for eagle, 鷹.

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