Egg-In-A-Basket Bead

June 2015
Sterling silver, faux pearl

For my mother's birthday, I decided to make something that incorporated her birthstone. It turns out that June has two associated birthstones, alexandrite and pearl. I didn't have any alexandrite on hand, but I did have a very convincing faux pearl that was already mounted on a post. My mother makes amazing beadwork and is always on the lookout for unique beads, so I decided to make her one (which I've done before, so I keep having to get more creative).

To make the bead, I dapped a deep sterling silver dome that I thought would create a nice parabolic reflection of the pearl's luminosity, and set the pearl in the bottom of it by welding the post in from the back. My wife commented that it looked like an egg in a basket, so that's what I named it!

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