Faceted Palladium Bands

July 2013

A bride and groom came to me on the recommendation of a couple I'd worked with previously (we love referrals), looking for a set of wedding bands that were at the same time classically elegant and a bit unusual. They liked the idea of a hidden detail, so I suggested that we create a design along the side of the ring shank that would be easy to see when the rings were off, but that would practically disappear to the casual observer when worn.

The faceted design we settled upon shimmers as you turn the ring at different angles, but it's understated enough at rest that it's even difficult to see in the photo on this page without squinting just a little. Although the details were cast in the original model, I went over the facets with a graver to give the detail an even but imperfect texture. I love the contrast of the engraved detail against the polished surfaces of the rings, and the difference between the ways the facets and the convex surfaces reflect the light. Classic, unusual, subtle.

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