Jacket Wedding Band

June 2008
14K white gold

Although the flower-like burst of diamonds and rubies in this ring is beautiful, I didn't make it. I only made part of this image that you see. The central diamond and its decorative marquis stones are attached to the yellow gold engagement ring that my friend Matt gave to my friend Michelle.

Because wearing a standard wedding band wouldn't work with this piece, we designed the wedding band to hug the engagement ring perfectly. The styling of the band borrows from and compliments the shank of the engagement ring, but is done in white gold instead of yello so that the original shape of the engagement ring is still visible when they're worn as a pair. The rings aren't soldered together; they are held together by pressure when worn on the bride's finger.

Given the fact that the jacket wedding band must fit opposite corners of the setting, it actually crosses over the shank of the engagement ring at the bottom of the set when the two are paired.

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