Hummingbird Skull Ring

Sterling silver, moonstones

Back when I was in high school, my friend Rodney (then also a co-worker at Harry's Music Store in Kaimuki) came to me with a proposition. He'd seen in a catalog a ring that had been cast from an actual hummingbird skull. Rodney loved the ring, but didn't want to pay the catalog's asking price. I took the picture from the catalog as well as several pictures of hummingbird skulls from some encyclopedia of some sort, carved a replica in wax and cast it (no hummingbirds were harmed). I set moonstones in the eyes and sold the whole thing to Rodney for half of the catalog's asking price.

Special thanks to Rodney for supplying a picture of this ring since I haven't seen the actual article since early 1990; extra special thanks to him for taking the picture on a background that matches the rest of this site!

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