Kaleidoscope Locket

September 2015
Cubic zirconia, glass, steel

I had these steel-and-glass lockets that I'd ordered in two sizes for another project (which, as of this writing, I have yet to complete). The locket that I wasn't using for that project wound up sitting on my workbench, and I'd use it to hold stones or beads I was working with so that they didn't roll off my bench and onto the floor—with its double glass sides, it's easy to see what's inside it. One day when it was holding a lot of stones, I realized it looked kind of like a kaleidoscope (minus the mirror-induced symmetry). I decided to fill it up with three sizes of round-cut cubic zirconia to make it really blingy, and threw in a few colored emerald-cut rhinestones to add some pop. It's pretty full, but with enough shaking the stones do move around!

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