Teardrop Pendant with Lapis

June 2009
14 karat yellow gold, 18 karat yellow gold, lapiz lazuli

This was designed for a customer as a birthday gift for his ladyfriend, and I was given very little specifics other than "design a birthday present for Yvonne." I looked through my inventory and found this lovely lapis lazuli cabachon. Deep blue looks great against yellow, so I decided to use gold as the material for this teardrop-shaped pendant. The backing against which the stone is set is 14K, while the bail and raised ridge around the edge are 18K.

Lapis frequently has stripes of white in the deep blue stone, but this cabachon had flecks of white instead. I decided that texturing the surface of the backing piece would complement those flecks nicely, and catch the light as well.

It's hung on a delicate gold chain, but I happened not to have the chain with me when I was shooting the photos of the piece for the site--looks a little naked without it, but it's still a nice piece of bling.

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