Loving Family Ring

August 2019
Silver, peridot

There's really no better name for this piece than one that mentions its recipient's loving family. A dear friend of mine asked me to make a bat mitzvah present for her daughter—I'd met her daughter and quite like her, so I was doubly delighted to do it. Adding to the enjoyment, my friend's sister (a fellow artist) had come up with a concept on which we collaborated to bring this design to life. They wanted something that reflected the loving atmosphere of their close-knit family, the myriad of heritages of the bat mitzvah girl, and her individual spirit.

The design is ringed with love—literally! The word "love" appears around the ring three times: in English, Hebrew and Gaelic, reflecting her Jewish/Celtic heritage. We used three rose-cut peridots (her birthstone) to separate the languages and to represent the bat mitzvah girl herself. With this ring, she'll always be reminded of who she is and how much her family loves her!

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