Ocean Sunrise Earrings

December 22, 2013
14 karat yellow gold, Argentium® sterling silver, 14 karat palladium white gold

When I created my wife's wedding band I used metal from the center section of her engagement pendant, which left both the inner and outer circumferences as surplus. Naturally, since she'd been wearing the metal around her neck for almost a year during our engagement, I didn't want to just recycle the leftover mokume-gane circles.

I cut the inner and outer rings in half, and then made a small disk and mid-sized crescent out of yellow gold that were designed to nest inside the silver/white gold crescents—the pieces were originally going to form a solid crescent with a protruding disc; the orientation of the earrings was going to be 90 degrees off where it is now, with the disc at top. The idea was that the mokume-gane pattern lookes like waves, and the hammered gold cresecnt sandwiched between the other crescents looked like sunlight reflecting off the choppy waters. What I found while playing with the components, however, was that the design was far more compelling when I flipped the yellow gold crescent out in opposition to the rest of the piece and flipped the whole design on axis.

I ultimately decided to keep the name of the earrings consistent with the original vision, because although the design has become significantly abstracted from the original concept, I still recall our beautiful Hawai‘i ocean sunrises when I see my wife wearing them.

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