Sad Dog™

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November 2011
Sterling silver

Ever since I first drew this adorably maudlin canine face, I knew I needed to make jewelry out of it. Sad Dog™, as I have named him, started out as one of several sketches I came up with when I was creating a wire daschund pendant for a different customer—but this was my personal favorite all of the designs on the sheet of drawings I made for that project. I managed to work it into a bat mitzvah present for another customer's cousin, but I knew that Sad Dog™ needed to be brought to the world.

This pendant has the lines of the design raised in polished relief on a matte background. There are matching earrings available as well—because you should have a complete set, and why not. The first items in the Sad Dog™ retail empire! (Insert diabolical laughter here.)

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