Sikkerhedsnål Earrings

November 2013
18 karat yellow gold, platinum

When I was designing my wedding ring, I ordered small quantities of various white metals to see how they would look in contrast to each other. For the following Hanukkah, a fortnight after the wedding, I used these samples to make gifts for my wife.

For this particular design I took the inch of square platinum stock I'd purchased for comparison, cut it in half and made two flat tori. To contrast with the roundness of the shape and the gray color of the metal, each torus was then hung on a long rectangular loop of 18 karat yellow gold. The austere result reminded me of Danish Modern design, but when worn the earrings are slightly reminiscent of punk-rock safety pin earrings. I named them the "Sikkerhedsnål Earrings" to indicate the merging of those two aesthetics—"sikkerhedsnål" means "safety pin" in Danish.

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