Tattoo Cross

c. 2000
Sterling silver, peridot

This cross was made for the fourteenth birthday of my friend Cleve's daughter Elizabeth. I'd never met her before making this, but Cleve and his wife Doris gave me a great description from which to draw inspiration: feminine but not girly, sporty, independent, favorite color is green, loves bands like Godsmack and Coal Chamber. So I figured Cleve doesn't want her to get a tattoo, but I can draw upon the trendy tribal art tattoo styles for a design and sock in a peridot for the green. I then told Cleve mention to Elizabeth that my old band once played at CBGB's in NYC on the same night that Godsmack did, before they were huge (true story--they actually opened up for us, in a manner of speaking). Anyway, I really feel blessed to be able to be a part of this kind of creation--I mean, I never would have had this design in me if this girl hadn't been born, and her parents hadn't come to me.

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