What Our Clients Are Saying

I treasure the opportunity to make what is, as a friend once put it, the art that chance creates. I'm very fortunate to have the chance to work with terrific clients who make amazing creative partners. But there's only so much I can say about my own work, so please take the time to read what our clients have to say and click the images to learn more about the creation of their pieces.

I realize that it's easy to fake a testimonial, so feel free to check the veracity of many of the quotes below on LinkedIn.

“Joshua blew our minds with the exquisite wedding bands he created for us. He found a whimsical yet profound way to combine our respective musical tastes (when we met, he was a deadhead, I a metalhead), our romantic conviction that we are together till death do not us part, and our past lives as Jewish hippies. Working with Joshua was a joy from start to finish, and the rings completely delight us. They have so much texture, containing the depths and angles of a miniature world. We feel fortunate to have found this artist! ”

—Marcia I.

“Joshua is an exceptionally talented jewelry designer, metal smith and sculptor. I am the proud owner of his custom design jewelry -- all timeless pieces of excellent quality. Joshua brings passion and expertise to his creations, and brings to life a client's wish in the form of elegant pendants, bracelets, rings, etc. -- of which I have many! In addition to his wearable creations, Joshua is a brilliant sculptor -- his works enhance environments and inspire viewers.”

—Sara Kay
Sara Kay Gallery, New York
Founder, Professional Organization for Women in the Arts

“I can count on one hand how many reviews I’ve written on the internet but I felt compelled to write one in this case. Josh is a true craftsman that produced a wonderful custom ring for me at a great price! I have very pale skin and after trying on a few wedding bands, I decided that I wanted a rose gold band. I couldn’t decide between either a matte rose gold band or a hammered band with somewhat of a sheen. I came across Josh’s website and really fell in love with a hammered rose gold ring he did for someone years back. I reached out to him to see if he could make a similar ring to that with a few minor changes and he told me that it wouldn’t be a problem. Not only that but the price he quoted me was beyond reasonable (considerably less than some of the ‘off the shelf’ rings of much lesser weight/quality from some of the major box stores). Despite the fact that I’m in Texas and he’s in Honolulu the correspondence was smooth and the transaction couldn’t have been easier. Again, if you’re on the fence about ordering a ring from Hawaii (I was initially), don’t be. Josh is an extremely nice guy who’s not only trustworthy but a real artist. Thanks Josh!”

—Adam T.

“My husband and I contacted Edelstein Edelsteine metalsmiths about making our wedding rings. From the very first meeting until delivery of final product, we were tremendously pleased with Mr. Edelstein. He is creative, passionate, personable and vastly knowledgeable. He was able to help us determine our own personal styles, and then figure out how to marry those styles to create beautiful bands which we are always proud to wear.”

—Michelle H.

“We can't say enough about how much we love the rings. Thank you so very much for the obvious hard work and thoughtfulness that went into their design. Thank you so much for these beautiful, perfect bands.”

—Cassandra T.

“Joshua worked with me to make the most beautiful rose gold wedding band. I had seen a hammered finish wedding band he'd done for someone else, and I knew that was the one I wanted to set off my unique pearl engagement ring. I found it refreshing that he is so responsive and easy to work with, and his attention to detail makes this piece truly stand out. I could not be more pleased!”

—Whitney H.

“We commissioned matching wedding bands from Joshua. During our consultation he administered a questionnaire that nailed my aesthetic and from there, came up with a design we both loved. He's timely, honest, and a great person to work with.”

—Kathleen L.

“When we needed wedding bands, we went to Josh. He worked with us from concept to finish to create complementary bands that reflected our union together and our individual personalities. They are creative and beautiful, and we will treasure them always!”

—Julia A.

“Joshua worked with my wife and I to design a unique set of wedding rings that fit with an engagement ring that had a low setting. His designs are creative and most important, beautiful. We get complements all the time regarding our rings and this is a testament to Joshua's great work.”

—James G.

“I approached Joshua to custom-make a gift for my wife, who is particular about jewelry. He came up with a beautiful concept and made gorgeous earrings which my wife and I both liked very much. He did all this at an extremely reasonable price. I would surely use his services again.”

—Jonathan G.

“Joshua has never failed to produce beautiful pieces. Nothing is simply 'taken off the shelf'; each piece carries with it as much thought and meaning as it does beauty. I look forward to being a customer for a long time to come.”

—Paul H.

“Joshua's work is extraordinary. His designs are unique and wearing one of his pieces is certain to attract positive comments. Also, his ner tamid for our synagogue renovation is the focal point - and it was clearly made with talent, innovation, and true dedication.”

—Ann U.

“I've seen a number of Josh's works, and they've all caught my attention not just in the craft, which is great (you know it's great when you don't even think about it) but also the detail and thought that goes into each piece. I love the pomegranate earrings I have and wear them all the time (and they always draw compliments), but the originality of the others I've seen - from planets to playing with hebrew and chinese lettering has all been truly remarkable.”

—Kayanna W.

“Josh has superb skills in designing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces. I can't recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for unique and beautifully-crafted jewelry.”

—Michael R.

“Josh's work is creative, beautiful, researched and done for an excellent value. I highly recommend hiring him for any piece of custom jewelry.”

—Cyrus U.

“The workmanship is beautiful on this rose. I have been looking for a rose pendant and this fits the bill. The meaning of this rose was cream to the top. I call her 'The Lily-Rose'. Thank you for your excellent work and the fast, safe shipping. Well worth the price.”

—Evelyn H.

“I could not be more pleased with the Etz Hayim Star necklace that I purchased for a Bat Mitzvah gift for a dear member of my family. I searched for weeks going through multiple websites looking for the perfect gift. I knew I had found it the minute I scrolled through Joshua's work. I had a question for him which he answered by email the same day of my inquiry. My interactions with him were prompt, professional and always pleasant. He shipped my gift out to me immediately. Most importantly this necklace is an exceptional piece of true art and craftsmanship. His work is beautiful, current and yet, it is also timeless. The necklace arrived in a beautiful box made of wood that served as perfect presentation for a perfect gift! His attention to detail is reflected in everything he does. I will certainly purchasing more jewelry from him in the future! ”

—Michelle D.