Third Eye Ring

March 2017
Sterling silver, cubic zirconium

Sometimes, inner sight takes over when you're looking at something else.

This ring didn't start with the centerpiece, it started with wanting to make a ring that had the stones set on the shoulder as you see here. Simple, two-bead settings inside engraved star-style cuts. It occured to me that I could build a setting that had a similar shape, so I cut the center third out of a sterling dome, soldered it back together and channel-set the single stone to emulate the shoulder cuts... which is when I realized it looked like an eye. Of course, I then saw that the shoulder settings themselves also looked like eyes, which is when I realized I'd created the Third Eye Ring.

As to why the third eye is so much larger, well, it's clear to me that if I didn't realize what I was making while I was making it, I wasn't seeing with my physical eyes to begin with, but being guided by a different kind of vision.

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