Wisdom Ring

Sterling silver, human wisdom tooth

I made this piece in high school after having my wisdom teeth out, and submitted it as a joke to the Scholastic Art Awards. Well, it wound up winning a Gold Key award at the national judging in New York and sitting on display in Chicago for a month. It wasn't until sixteen years later that the rest of me finally made it to Chicago, on the occasion of my cousin's wedding--I always found it amusing that my DNA had been to Chicago but that I hadn't!

I of course took the ring back with me when I went, as seen here in front of Chicago's famous Cloud Gate (aka The Bean). As an added bonus, that's my dad in the lower-left corner of the photo, and the cluster of three people in the midground are my brother, my mother and my sister-in-law (L-R). Present but not visible is my niece (but you can see the shadow of her stroller).

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