"You Make The World Disappear"

September 2017
14 karat white gold, human hair, resin

A friend of mine had once told his girlfriend that he really wanted to wear a ring made from the curls of her hair; they apparently discussed it at length. She's a friend of mine as well, so she came to me to see if we could make him a special surprise for his birthday.

The safest way to treat the hair was to embed it in resin in the channel of a gold ring, but neither of us were prepared for how dark her dirty-blonde hair would appear in the resin. She and I both had a slightly different conception of what the ring would look like from the beginning, but by packing the tightly-wound resin-bonded hair up to the to the rim of the ring's channel, I was able to sand and polish the hair flush with the gold and inadvertently create an almost rhino-horn-like material that successfully shows both the texture and highlights of her curls. Engraved on the inside of the ring is a phrase that holds special meaning for them (and gives title to this piece), "you make the world disappear..."

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