ALIEN Amp Badge

January 2015

My friend Kayseph, who is also the guitarist/co-founder (along with our singer) of my band Infrared Rabbit is—and I don't think he'd mind me saying this—obsessed with aliens. He's got little alien-head stickers on a lot of his equipment, most of his guitars have sci-fi names, etc. I'm not judging, because look at me.

He bought a terrific new Vox amplifier recently, and wanted to change the "VOX" badge on the front to read "ALIEN," so I naturally obliged. I found a font that closely matched the Vox badge font and 3D-printed the replacement, complete with the little horizontal ridges and attachment posts, in plastic. It was painted with a metallic silver enamel paint, which while not as reflective as the chromed plastic of the original, is still plenty shiny.

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