Amethyst Hamsa

February 2010
Sterling silver, amethyst

This pendant was made for a friend's birthday, and was designed to match her personality and spirit. I chose a hamsa—a symbol of protection—because she's an officer in the US Navy and is thus in a position of defending me and all other civilians. Her off-duty sense of style is both elegant and bold, which is reflected by the delicate lines and large stone that make up the hamsa. The bail of the pendant isn't directly attached to the wire that hangs through it but floats freely along the line instead, allowing it to occasionally hang at a skewed angle—similarly, her actions and views don't always conform to societal norms. Finally, she's a February baby and her favorite color is purple, so the amethyst birthstone is doubly appropriate. I also really like that the flaws in the stone look like the closed lid of an eye, which is appropriate because a hamsa is frequently shown with an eye set into it. Put it all together, and the piece is the perfect representation of her in jewelry.

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