Copper Wind Chimes

January 2016

When my wife and I first started dating, she asked me to make her a set of wind chimes. I didn't. When we moved home to Hawai’i, she commented how lovely wind chimes would sound in the tropical trade winds. I nodded and mumbled. When we bought our house, she casually mentioned that as homeowners we could drill hooks into any part of the roof for wind chimes. I changed the subject.

Finally, for this holiday season, I made her wind chimes because I realized they'd be a perfect gift that would genuinely be appreciated (slow learner). The most interesting part of the process was learning to tune the copper pipe by placing the holes at just the right place on so that sound waves would oscillate at the correct harmonic frequency for each different length of pipe. I'd like to think that being a musician helped with that, or at least helped me to not be surprised that the holes had to be placed just so.

They sound pretty good, too:

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