Doorpost Mezuzah

August 2008
Sterling silver

I was asked by a customer to create a piece that represented the Jewish concept of Shalom Bayit, or peace in the home. This is one of the designs that I came up with, but not the final one that the customer chose. A Jewish home is (ideally) a peaceful one, but I didn't want to be exceedingly obvious with representations of Judaism or of a home in the design--no house-shaped pendant with a Star of David or anything like that.

One way to identify a Jewish home is to see a mezuzah affixed to a doorpost, which I've attempted to show here, abstractly. The cartouche form of the pendant represents a doorpost, and the two sets of three bumps on the left side of the piece represent the hinges on the inside of the door. The rectangle of negative space represents the mezuzah that would be affixed to that doorpost, leaning in towards the home as it would traditionally be positioned.

There is a certain redundancy to be found in a neck mezuzah that shows an image of a doorpost mezuzah, but I like to think that it reinforces the feeling of Shalom Bayit that inspired the piece.

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