El Asher Ring

August 2012
Argentium® sterling silver

Two close friends of mine got engaged, and decided that the bride-to-be shouldn't be the only one to wear an engagement ring. She asked me to make him a "management ring"—a placeholder, if you will. Lest you think the motivation was less than romantic, the Hebrew phrase she chose to circumscribe the ring is אל אשר תלכי אלך (el asher telchi elech), which translates to the very romantic "where you walk I will walk" (Ruth 1:16).

The ring is made of Argentium® sterling silver, an alloy of silver that contains germanium instead of copper which strengthens it and makes it more heat- and tarnish-resistant; Argentium® is also more precious than standard sterling with a higher silver content—all appropriate metaphors for the strength and luster of their union.

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