Lake Key Wine Glass Charm Photo by Melissa O'Brien. Copyright (C) 2009.

December 2009
Brass, copper

I was asked by a client to turn a pair of keys from her husband's family's old lake house into a gift for him, based on a verse from a song he'd written entitled "Afterglow":

Got a couple keys here I
Guess one would be mine
Should I leave that second key
On the table by the door?
Should I melt it down
Drink it up with wine
Cold or better molten
Keep it closer to my core?

She'd already decided that she was going to include a bottle of wine and the two keys based on the lyrics, as well as a book since the gift had a literary component (being based on his words). The challenge for me was that he doesn't wear jewelry, and I didn't want to create a paperweight or something he wouldn't use. I decided to make a wine glass charm so that he can identify his glass when they entertain guests.

Based on the lyrics, I left the shaft of the first key partially intact for him to keep and bent it into a semi-circle. The pin-facing edge kind of evokes a mountain range, which reflects a lyric from later in the song (not included in the quote above). I melted down the second key, forming the metal in a process known as water casting to bring in the water theme from lake house that the keys used to open. I used the cast brass to complete the circle started by the first key, and connected all the pieces with copper jump rings to create the charm, allowing him to drink it up with wine per the song.

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