Macabi Hoshieini

April 2008
Sterling silver

Commissioned by a customer in Toronto, the Hebrew wording on this 2 centimeter medallion says מכבי הושיעני (Macabi hoshieini), which essentially translates as "God save us" (מכבי is an acronym of מי כמכה באלם יה, which means "who among the mighty is like You, oh Lord?"). The design is based on the writings of Rabbi Refael Ochana, who taught of spiritual remedies and protections for both body and soul.

Rabbi Ochana describes a coin-shaped amulet made of one solid piece of silver, with the words Macabi hoshieini on it in raised letters. Beyond those requirements, the rabbi isn't specific about how it should look, which led my Canadian customer and me to arrive at this design. The charm is supposed to protect against the Evil Eye and other dangers--which is appropriate, because the back of this pendant looks like the iris of an eye.

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