Zehu Goraleinu Wedding Rings

August 2009
14 karat white gold, 18 karat yellow gold

A couple came to me for a set of wedding rings that needed to stand out. They wanted a Hebrew phrase that wasn't common to ring sets you'd find in most Judaica stores, and they wanted something markedly different from anything I'd ever designed before (I love a challenge).

The phrase the couple chose was זהו גורלנו אני שלך ואתה שלי (zehu goraleinu ani shelach v'atah sheli), "it is our fate--I am yours and you are mine." The writing was done in relief, and each letter--in fact, each line of each letter--was laid down by hand while making the waxes and then meticulously shaped to the particular font they chose. They also wanted a two-tone effect, so after the waxes were cast in white gold I attached bands of 18K yellow to the edges of the rings. Finally, I polished the letters to a high shine and left the background with a satin finish to really set the letters off.

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