Zora Pendant

July 2008
Sterling silver

For the occasion of my niece Zora's second birthday, I decided to make her something that I knew she probably wouldn't wear until she's at least five or six. Because I care enough to give appropriate gifts (*cough*). I kid, I kid--the design simply came to me, and one must follow the muse.

The centimeter-wide pendant at left has her name on it in Hebrew, Coptic and Arabic. Zora is a remarkable name in that besides sounding wicked cool, it means "dawn" in all Semitic and Slavic languages as well as in Greek, and is pronounced basically the same way in each. The Hebrew זרח is pronounced "Zerach," the Arabic زهراء is pronounced "Zahraa" and the Coptic is pronounced... well, "Zora." Why Coptic? It's the halfway-point in the physical etymology from Greek to Cyrillic, both of which looked kinda boring when writing my niece's name. Coptic looked cool, so there it is!

As I supposed, my brother and my sister-in-law decided to sequester the pendant until Zora's old enough to wear it... but I hear she enjoys playing with the box.

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